Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia H. Burton New Castle, Delaware, United States

Posted: 2016-02-02

Celia H. Burton

New Castle, DE 

                                                                 THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND


The subconscious mind is a never ending recorder that records every thought and experience that we have. Every thought, every action no matter how small or how large is stored in it's vastness.  

the mind sends messages to the subconscious which is the medium which communicates to infinite intelligence. The mind is not the only source thf subconscious mind uses to accumulate information, it feeds off all five senses to gain information to store information. All our memories and feelingsof are recorded in an endless vast file the subconscious mind accumulates.  Hill teaches that thoughts are things. Nothing that man has designed, invented or developed was brought to existence unless it was first thought of.  

The subconscious mind gathers all input and transmutes these thought energy to a form of communication that the infinite intelligence interprets then it gives up it's secret in the form of a desire hoped for or a plan to follow. This can only be done through high vibrations of thoughts sent through the subconscious and through the ether to the infinite intelligence. 

The subconscious mind is a fascinating entity which was crafted and designed by our maker to communicate with infinite intelligence. We ignore the power of the subconscious mind at our own peril.  If we neglect to feed this entity positive thoughts mixed with the strong vibrations of emotions such as faith,sex,patience,understanding,love,persistence with a strong sense of desire, it will take whatever emotion available to feed on including the negative.

We must avoid negative thoughts at all cost through the power of positive self talk. We stand guard constantly at the doorway of our mind to shut out the negativity when it raises it's ugly head.

When I find myself down or going in the opposite direction than the positive, I quickly take stock of what is happening and quickly cast those thoughts away and replace them with a song in my head or my positive self talk.

There is so much negativity in our times that it would be easy to go in that direction. That's why we must continually guard our minds of current negative events and ventomous words we often here in this world today.  This takes practice and time to master not only fighting back at the negativity, and at the same time teaching our brain to reach out to the infinite intelligence that has to potential to create the world that we dream of.


Best Wishes to all my brothers and sisters in the Mastermind Group and ofcourse to Linda and Michael Dlouchy the creators of the Think and Grow Rich Lessons.