Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kathy Calicotte Hannibal, Missouri, USA

Posted: 2016-02-02



I think this one particular quote from Think and Grow Rich says SO much! 

"Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time. ONE OR THE OTHER MUST DOMINATE."


The subconscious mind is kind of like your very own secret memory box, where you can put all your "stuff" that you have collected over the years, like that first

Valentine card from the first grade or a special award you may have won or a favorite picture.  All your stuff is safe and you can take it out anytime and look at it

and reminisce.  Everything you put in that box is special and you love looking at it and remembering.  So all the stuff in that box makes you happy and you feel

good when you look at it, there is nothing in there that doesn't create a positive emotion.  You have control over what you want to put in that box, you wouldn't put

something in that box that made you sad or mad or scared or angry, would you?  Because when you open that box and see that bad thing among all your precious

things, where do you think your mind will go?  Once that negative thought is there, it will take some of your joy away, so if you want true happy thoughts all the

time, fill that box with happy things.  Don't leave any room to fit in a single bad thing.  


The subconscious mind will function whether you make an effort or not to send it positive or negative thoughts.  Don't you think you should make the effort to only

think positive?  The subconscious mind won't just sit there and do nothing, it will just feed on thoughts that reach it as a result of your own neglect.  Every day life

puts us in the path of all kinds of thought impulse and we don't even know it.  So if we do not stay aware, negative thoughts are all around us and our subconscious

mind WILL pick up on them.


Please always remember to focus on the positive and have a wonderful trip down memory lane the next time you bring out your "special box"!


Kathy Calicotte

Hannibal, MO

P.S. I am blessed to have had the privilege of meeting Michael & Linda and to be a part of Mentoring For Free.  Thank you all so much!!!