Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2017-02-15

Imagination.  How can we access it?  When our minds are clurttered with the deeds of the day, it would have to come with a club over the head, and it sometimes does.

As I have contemplated this lesson about imagination, I looked to the times in life I am open to it.  Here are a few.  For me, it comes daily, just afer awakening and before arising, there are innumerable ideas that come into my rested mind.  They may be the synthetic organization of a puzzel for an activity or experiment I was trying to solve of the purlely creative imaginaitional thoughts that would open new vistas of my life. If I rush and jump out of bed, they vanish.  If I remain just a few minutes, I can see them more fully develop.  They are tiny glimpses of the possibilities for my life from the infinite source of wisdom. 

Sometimes they come after a prayer, but ONLY if I am willing to stay and ponder and receive them.  Sometimes they catch me on the run and I must respond immediately. 

Never have I regretted following these thoughts and feelings from my imagination or the source of infinite wisdom.  Always, I have regretted NOT following them.

The follow up requires decisions and actions, yet there would be no decisions or actions made without slipping into the mind to retrieve the inspiration & vision ready to be accessed from within.

Kay Young

Superior, Colorado