Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Martin Staunfeldt Vojens, Denmark, Denmark

Posted: 2017-02-15


Napoleon Hill wrote this chapter for ME!

As I read and listen, I know Napoleon Hill really
cares that I succeed. Napoleon goes out of his
way to help me go to the next step. He carefully
give me detailed instructions of what to do.

I truly feel his love flowing out of the words and
into my body. Napoleon Hill believes in me.
Napoleon have already seen what I will become.
By that fact I feel at ease and I feel good.

The only thing I need to do now, is to follow the

I have faith!

As I read this chapter I felt the presence of
Napoleon Hill looking over my shoulder. He
whispered into my ear "Martin, DO NOT STOP".
I know what he meant. He want me to follow

Too often I have had great ideas, that I have
tried to put into practice. Every time I was
getting close I would have resistance. Often it
would be other people interrupting my thoughts.
The bad thing is that I would let them interrupt
me. There will always be things in my may. But
it is up to me to be honest to my ideas and fight
through it. I can not let anyone or anything stop
me anymore. I have to keep following through.
Because I have one of the greatest minds of
imagination in the universe and it would be a
waste not to use it. NO! It would be a deadly
SIN! not to use it.

Like everybody else that has taken the time to
be with us right now. I am a person that want
the best for myself, my family and my fellow
man. For that reason alone we are worthy and
we can with a good conscience tell the world
what we want in life and Why!

Plan and Practice your plans to develop your life
and imagination.


Martin Staunfeldt from Denmark