Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2017-02-15



We Imagine what it will be like when we graduate from high school. We hear the school band playing Pomp and Circumstance in the background.


We Imagine what it will be like when we walk down the aisle and exchange wedding vows with our special someone.  We wonder what it will be like to hear those words,

“I do.”


We Imagine what it will be like to have a baby.  What color of hair will she have?  What color of eyes?  What will it be like to rock her to sleep and see her take her first steps? 


We Imagine what it will be like to Own Our Life.  We "see” how network marketing is the perfect vehicle for us to acquire the level of success we desire.  We “see” that first customer signing up.  We “see” our first distributor enrolling.  We “see” our organization grow one-by-one, then duplicating, and then growing faster and faster.


We Imagine with every post we make on Facebook.  Who is this person?  What are her hopes and dreams? How can my products help her or my compensation plan make her life better?  Be thoughtful, take a moment, and Imagine how awesome it would be to have her on your team.


We Imagine what it will be like to achieve a certain rank.  We feel excitement as we see our team also achieving success.  We play in our mind the pictures of hearing our name called and walking across a stage, not for ego’s sake, but knowing that we are indeed achieving our dream. We choose the exact song we want playing over the sound system and we listen to it often. Mine is "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten.


Some days it is easy to Imagine.  Some days we get knocked down a bit and have to work at it. 


On those days, take a box of Markers and a big sheet of paper and draw your WHY.   Your Imagination goes to a whole 'notha level! 


What do you want your life to look like in a year?  Or in 10 years?  Your drawing, even if it looks like a kindergartener drew it, will trigger another idea, which will trigger another.  Use the colors that you “see” in your head.  Bright, vivid colors that connect brain-to-eye-to-hand.  Get over your OCD and don’t worry about how “good” your picture looks.  It’s not about being an artist.  It's about, you guessed it, IMAGINATION.


Can you SEE it?  Can you HEAR the music?


I do!


Margi “Rising” Starr