Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2017-02-15

In opening this chapter, Mr. Hill states, “The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man”.

When he wrote Think and Grow Rich, 80 years ago, Hill also declared that “Of all the ages of civilization, this is the most favourable for the development of the imagination, because it is an age of rapid change.

If that was true then, how much more is that the case today? How much has changed in the World since those words were penned! Purely because of the use of the power of Imagination, Ideas and inventions dating back to the time of Leonardo da Vinci are regularly seen in our skies today, rockets capable of destroying countries, imagined from the minds of early horror story writers are a fact today and from my home in the UK I can speak to pretty much anyone on the planet through the ether (plus a few satellites, relays, and towers – all developed thanks to someone’s imagination),using a device no bigger than a wallet or ladies purse.

We also read “MAN’S ONLY LIMITATION, within reason, LIES IN HIS DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF HIS IMAGINATION” there’s the rub. Because sadly many people have chosen to stifle that oh so powerful tool and simply accept what they see in their day to day lives as their horizon with no thought as to what could be.

Mentoring for Free members are blessed in that Michael and many of the leaders have never allowed their imaginations to fall into disuse, in fact there is now a name for folk who constantly see a path from what is to what could be – “Blue sky thinkers”.

The good news is that type of thinking is contagious so, the longer we remain an active participant, posting and reading on this forum, using the power of auto-suggestion through daily self-talk (said with passion and imagination) while listening and contributing to the live calls, the more our own imaginations grow and develop.

Imagine what that could do for your own life as well as the lives of those who will seek you out to coach, guide and mentor them.

John Smith – Gloucester UK.