Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ron West Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Posted: 2017-02-15

Chapter 6 - Imagination.

This chapter is about puting your mind to work, to create that which you Desire.

Napoleon Hill said:

"Whatever the Mind of Man can Concieve and Believe, He CAN Achieve"

Those are VERY Powerful Words!

This is what this Chapter is ALL about!
Putting into ACTION what we have learnt from reading this book in it's entirety
and having the amazing opportunity to discuss it all in our Mastermind Sessions.

Here we are taught to be "CREATIVE" in ou MIND.

That means, putting our mind to WORK!
We use ALL the 'hints and tips' we have been shown in this incredible book, along with
much of what we learn from our Mastermind discussions, and our life experience and knowledge
we have gained today, to CREAT our Unique vision on how to attract others to enjoy OUR company
and join us voluntarily to experience how to achieve whatever it is THEY are looking for.

In order to attract other people, we must become 'MORE' as Michael has so eloquently taught us.
in order to learn from all our mistakes and from others too, how it is that they become attractive
and never have to call others, but still have a continuos stream of 'HUNGRY' people who want
to know more about what we have offer, that makes each one of us 'attractive'.

We already have several great leaders in our midst who do that on a daily basis. 
We need to study what they do, not to copy them exactly, (because that is 'plagiarism' and
may work for a short time), but to use our own personal 'Imagination', with which to
create our own 'Magnetic Personality' which will attract those who are 'Looking for us!'

We are taught to brand ourselves, NOT to brand the product we are purveying at the moment,
simply because we can NEVER be in control of that product, unless we produce it ourselves.

We need to become 'OUR' own product! 

We ARE in control of our Minds, for CREATION, Our THOUGHTS because they are real, and our 
DESTINY, because we have decided WHERE WE ARE GOING, and not leaving it to chance.

A simple analogy here is:

If we are at sea, in a storm, and the ship we are traveling on losses it's rudder,
then we will go round and round in circles, because the ship has no idea where
it is capable of going with nothing to guide it! It has lost it's goal!

We all, hopefully, have our 'Burning Desire' fixed in our minds, by this time, so we know
EXACTLY where we are going. Therefore, provided our WHY is 100%, then we wil
reach our goal, (Destination) as long as we have employed all the resources we have
at our behest, AND used our Creative Mind and 'IMAGINATION' in order to
put everything in place, in a 'Master Plan of Action' to get there.

My thanks go out to Michael, Ken and Bob in particular, for helping me to understand
this incredible business of TRUE Network Marketing, thus far! 
I still know that I have much to learn yet, but am so grateful to know and realise,
just how far I have come. 

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the Mastermind discussions and the 
daily lessons we can always refer to, in the archives availble in this Mentoring For Free

Southampton UK

p.s. "It is a wonderful feeling to be able to truly help others, achieve their Desires in this life! "