Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ernest Tucker Rogersville, ALABAMA, United States

Posted: 2017-02-14

Chapter 6



It has been said that man can create anything he can imagine.    

There is two kinds of imagine synthetic and creative. The creative becomes more alert more receptive to vibrations from the sources.

In all the generations I have lived in I have seen many successful creative imaginations we use today.

 Morris code to write to people across the country.

Cell  phones to talk to anybody in the world carried in your pocket.

Cars that travel over a hundred miles per hour

Planes that fly us anywhere in the world and even to the moon

Space station in the skies

Skateboards that carry us down sidewalks and around inside stores.

Cars that fly you to work

Someone is now working on skateboards that defies gravity and flies us wherever we want to go. Which I have seen.

These are just a few of what the creative imagination has done.

Michael and Linda are teaching us how to use creative imaginations into the tangible reality of money through the reading of Teach and Grow Rich.

I have seen in my generation all of the above including the flying skateboard and the flying car. My goal today is to read the Think and Grow Rich and learn from Michael and Linda and their teaching to accumulate money.

Ernest Tucker

 PS and take a ride on the skateboard that flies