Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2017-02-12


“You can build a fortune through the aid of laws which are immutable.
But, first, you must become familiar with these laws, and learn to
USE them.Through repetition, and by approaching the description of
these principlesfrom every conceivable angle, the author hopes to
reveal to you the secret through which every great fortune has been
accumulated. Strange and paradoxical as it may seem, the “secret” is
NOT A SECRET. Nature herself, advertises it in the earth on which we
live, the stars, the planets suspended within our view, in the elements
above and around us, in every blade of grass, and every form of life
within our vision.”

Nature advertises this “secret” in the terms of biology, in the conversion
of a tiny cell, so small that it may be lost on the point of a pin, into
the HUMAN BEING now reading this line. The conversion of desire into its
physical equivalent is, certainly, no more miraculous!

Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes. Ideas are products of the

Everything, yes everything, starts as a seed. A plant’s beginning is a
seed which when planned in the right soil can reproduces 30, 60 or 100
times itself. Take the muster seed, the smallest of all seeds, can grow
into a plant large enough for bird to sit in its branch. A plant which
produces 100,000’s seeds.

Likewise, in the animal kingdom a microscopic seed when plant in the
fertile soil of the womb multiplies to develop into a new creation,
like its seed and soil but new and different.

Within each of us is placed the soil of imagination waiting for seeds,
thoughts or ideas, to be planted. Mixed into the soil desire stirred with
emotion, faith, knowledge and a plan of action. Cultivated with self-talk,
till the soil nurtures desire into a burning obsession with a commitment
to persist until obtained.

From Napoleon Hill comes the message came, you can “Think and Grow Rich”.
Rich is a “self-defined” term, it up to you the determine what rich means
for you personally.  In Hill’s “The Twelve Riches of Life” he listed positive
attitude, good health, harmonious relationships as his first three riches.
Economic Security or money as the twelfth. I have found that for me to reach
the financial goals I have set, I must become the person who works and lives
the first 11 riches in Napoleon’s list. You can find the list by googling
“The Twelve Riches of Life by Napoleon Hill”.   

Here at Mentoring for Free I have the tools necessary to work on all 12 riches.
Thanks to Michael and Linda for their foresight in creating this group. Thank
to my mentor, Bob Shoaf, for believing in me. To all you who participant in
the call for your brilliant perceptions. Thanks to Connie for your love, commitment
and faith in me. Thanks to you who download “Success in 10 Steps” and allow me
‚Äčto share in your journey.

Nathan Grimes
Lubbock, TX USA