Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Larry Griffin Shererville, IN, US

Posted: 2016-02-01

                            Chapter 12 The Subconcious Mind 


Here lately I have been going through a period of lack of faith, my self talk didn't seem to be working as it had in the past and I was struggling to regain my former confidence. I have lost my ten foot tall and bullet proof status. 

As I serached for the reason for this annoying situation I realized i had stopped doing the things that were working for me before, I came across a quote that said we must pay the rent for success every day, every time the sun comes up the rent is due. 

It made me realize I have not been persistent in doing the things that paid the rent for my positive mental attitude needed to continue on my path to my goals. 

I had allowed negitivity to sneak into my mind rob me of the positive thinking that has brought me this far on my journey. As I meditated on this circomstance my subconcious mind gave me the answer, only I did not want to hear what it was telling me, so I continued to search, to no avail. All the time knowing in my spirit that the correct answer had already been given. 

Reading this chapter today slapped me up side my head, what have you been feeding your mind and has that negitive thinking creaped back and destroyed all you have learned? The obvious answer is YES it had. It's common knowledge that before you can solve a problem you must own up to the fact that you have a problem, ok that's where I am, rebuilding. 

The question is where would I be if not for MFF's sub titel, Where You Learn How To Think Not What To Think. 

Larry Griffin 

Persistence and Consistency Every Day, One Day At A Time