Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2016-02-01


The Eleventh Step toward Riches

We create our reality by our thoughts. Thoughts are things. What we tell our
subconscious mind becomes reality. We can chose positive or negative thoughts.
Our subconscious mind will go to work communicating with infinite intelligence
to fulfill our desires.

We can show that even the slightest negative or positive thoughts will produce
the corresponding reaction in our body. Michael has shown by demonstrating the
Kinesiology Muscle test many times. Often using double blind tests to show how
our body reacts to thoughts.

Our subconscious mind reacts more favorably to thoughts mixed with emotion.
There are seven emotions by Hill and one added by Michael, prosperity. It makes
sense then to use these in our thoughts. They are:

      Desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, hope and prosperity

We must form the habit of telling our subconscious mind positive thoughts to
replace the negative ones. We do this with our daily self-talk. Ken Klemm has a
very good training for PERFECTING our PERFECT self-talk.

When I began saying my self-talk, I said it 50-100 times the first few days. I
wondered how anyone could say it 3-500 times daily. I soon was saying it over
1500 times daily. After about 4-5 weeks, as Tony Koker said, it became
automatic. The self-talk I began with was:

I'm having fun, attracting and sponsoring leaders into my business, easily and
consistently, through education and teamwork.

I thank Michael and Linda for this incredible life training we have here. When
we first come here, we think it is training for our business. At some point
along the way, we realize it is training that changes our whole outlook on life.
The way we communicate with others. The understanding we have of people, our
friends and family. A whole new world opens up to us. It becomes a much more
beautiful way of living.

With all our 9 weekly calls, a mastermind group, we have the opportunity to
practice being positive and enjoying the new found friends we make as we begin
learning to speak up and participate.

At some point we decided to get the MFF Pro System. We are trained by our mentor
and coach and the system to get ebook downloads. We begin learning how to
communicate with others in our small mastermind groups, one-on-one. We begin
gaining confidence. We begin spreading our web. We continue to gain confidence
by attending as many training mastermind calls as possible. The training never
ends. Our 9 weekly calls are always there for us to continue our growth.

I thank each of our mastermind groups for their help in my growth. I especially
thank those who have downloaded my ebook and allowed me to communicate with
them. We are helping each other grow and progress along our journey. I will
believe in them, until they believe in themselves.

Thank you to each of you.

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM