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Wayne Thompson Falmouth, Trelawny, Select a stateā€¦, Jamaica

Posted: 2016-02-01

Wayne Thompson-Martha Brae, Preplan, Jamaica.

Chapter 12: The Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious mind is like an ABM, (Automated Banking Machine) it always returned what you deposit in it,no matter how, when, where and why it is done.Many people try to scam the ABM and the result is failure, because you will never get back what you didn't put in.

The result from working day and night without a definite plan or desire is a sure recipe for failure and most human beings will never be able to comprehend this throughout their lives.

I want to take you back into a deposit i made to the ABM, many years ago and i never really grasp the concept of the subconscious mind until I got associated with this awesome master mind group from mentoring for free. I was about 11 yrs at the time and attending church with my mother. Pastor's were revered and look upon as the perfect person to associate with,his family seems so happy and together and knowing he was a man of god, it was the family i would want to be a member of in the form of a son-in-law .

My imagination ran wild and it kept telling me, i want to be married to the daughter of a pastor,she is to be born the same month as mine and my child should be the same. Unknown to me I was feeding my subconscious mind with positive thoughts. Mr Hill Mentioned the seven most powerful positive Emotions, DESIRE, LOVE, SEX,ENTHUSIASM,HOPE,FAITH,ROMANCE. Six of the seven emotions were present in my wild imagination,however, faith was the missing link. the lack of faith brought me on many failed and broken heart journeys, but ,because i had deposited my emotions into my ABM,it was their communicating with infinite intelligence.

The day  my investment was returned to me, was totally unexpected. I sat in my office at work and I am a man who does not consume alcohol regularly,however, the feeling of drinking a beer kept bothering me. Their was a restaurant near by and I had the beer there. Personally,talking to ladies who I am not familiar with was a huge task for me because fear and the lack of faith.To my surprise this young lady appeared and i called to her by saying, how are you my friend?her reply was not pleasant and I told her you will be my friend.

Infinite intelligence mixed with faith ,hope and love has delivered all my request through this young lady she is my wife today. 

Let me, sincerely thank, Michael and Linda for investing in their ABM's the mentoring for free concept,today it is truly a life changer. You both did demonstrate the ability to eliminate the seven major negative emotions,thanks for not FEARING what others might have done to you,thanks for not indulging in GREED and JEALOUSY by building scams,thanks for not abandoning the journey by HATRED you encountered,thanks for forgiving the people who try to derailed your effort by not seeking REVENGE,thanks for not permitting SUPERSTITION to dominate your mind, thanks for not letting ANGER,put you in a place where you would not have developed your true potential.

This goes to show that men who wants to cultivate and empire ,can do so by feeding their ABM'S with the required emotions. The subject of the subconscious mind is tricky and  should not allowed to go idle, because, it will absorbed what ever is present voluntarily or involuntarily.

Wayne Thompson - Jamaica.

PS. Plant a good seed and you will reap good fruits.