Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2017-01-18

Chapter 2 Desire


The First Step toward Riches

We all have Dreams, hunches or new ideas that could better ourselves or the World at large. The majority of people just dismiss them as fantasies or listen to the opinions of other people who tell them it is not for them or you are not cut out for sales or acting. There are those who start a new dream or venture and when they hit an obstacle, like when Darby lost the gold seam and did not seek specialized knowledge, they quit, and loose the dream and a fortune.

Others like Barnes and the Mentoring for Free fraternity become ten feet tall and bullet proof, why because the dream, hunch or idea is fuelled by a “Desire” to achieve the gaol which is final part of the dream. The “Desire is the motivating force which changes the dream, idea or hunch into an achievable outcome. It often requires courage, determination and persistence, even to the extent of placing life on the line.

Once these people’s dream is transformed by Desire into a burning obsession there is nothing or no one who can move them from their chosen path. Hill’s own son was born unable to hear but Hill dreamed and believed it was possible for his Son to hear normal conversations. He could not be dissuaded otherwise and in the end the dream was realised.

In my professional career there were many instances where I sought to find solutions. One that comes to mind is my dream of a higher degree. Everyone said it could not be accomplished without a first degree. I questioned why not? Most people would have given up but not me, my burning obsession was that degree and I would have it no matter what it cost. I found one University in England which had courses based on other academic and practical experience which could be accredited by the professional institutions as equivalent to a first degree. I got my course and post graduate degree.

I am now applying the same principles to my MLM Business; I have a passionate desire this year to change my pin level in my Network Marketing Company three times, to achieve a monthly income in excess of $10,000, purchase the house I am now renting and be completely debt free.

Thank you to all those who believe in me, including Michael, Linda and Ben, thanks and gratitude to all the members of this Master Mind Group together with the participants on the 9 weekly calls.

Mervyn Drury

Casey, ACT, Australia.