Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jean McLeod Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Posted: 2017-01-18

I had to know!  After 50ish visits from Albuquerque to Scottsdale, mostly by car (7 hours each way) to see my Mom, I had to know.

She was diagnosed with Frontal Lobe Dementia 5 years ago.  In short, it means that it attacks the outward communication and the nervous system. The first symptoms were stuttering and then moved to not being able to remember how to turn on the computer. While she loses her ability to communicate in any manner, she continues to understand everything. It just keeps getting worse, I will spare you the details.  We were told that she would aspirate and be gone.  We had no idea that she would fight for 4 more years.

So, as I had promised my mom, I traveled every month, expecting it to be for about 4 months.  So here we are, time is definitely short, I couldn't imagine her living through 2016 but she continues on.  I realized that she could go at any minute and I would not be there with my sister.  I had to know when, so I asked. "Lord, when will my Mom die?  I need to be there."  Every day for 10 days I envisioned being there with her.  On December 28th I hear, "Your Mom will be at your Dad's 91st birthday party!".  My Dad has been gone almost 32 years! 

Today, while you are talking about these lessons, I am driving to be with my Mom to send her off for the birthday party.  Who will be more surprised?  Mom or Dad!  The big send off is Saturday, January 21!  Most people think that you can't know. I had to know and I have no doubt.  It will be a joyous day.

  I realize that in the Spirit, that's most likely not what is going on, but isn't God gracious to tell me what I can understand.  "Good bye Mom, Tell Dad I miss him.  I am so glad you're together again.  See you all 'soon'!"

Jean McLeod