Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2017-01-16

Chapter 2


From The Book

Think And Grow Rich,


A burning DESIRE to be and to do is the starting point

From which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are not

born of indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition.

Remember that all who succeed in life get off to a bad

Start, and pass through many heartbreaking struggles

before they arrive.  The turning point in the lives of those

who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis,

through which they are introduced to their other selves.


When I read this, it made me feel good to know that what

I am going through is normal.   I have worked with people

who worked until their body’s would not go any farther.

I have worked with people who could retire, but, would

not retire because they did not know what they would do

with their time.   Those were the people I was working with,

I was headed that way!  I was getting a DESIRE not to be

Like that,  I was watching the history channel it was about

Mount Rushmore, how it was built, I started thinking how

cool it would be to go there and look at those famous heads

up close and personal, and to read the plaques on what they

had to over come to make it happen. 


I got this DESIRE not to be a normal person anymore,

I knew I needed to change, how am I going to do that!

Thanks to the Mentoring For free system I am learning how

To change, their was no way I  could change by staying a

normal person. 

I am now putting positive energy into a negative world,

I am learning how to make a change from a job mined

set to a business owner mind set.

It’s nice to hang out with other people who don’t want

To be normal anymore.





        Marty Roe