Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Robertson Marietta, South Carolina, USA

Posted: 2017-01-15

4 am and wide awake. I guess it's payback for being on the Saturday Coaches Corner call and not speaking up. Michael's words haunting me as I consider this weeks lesson- "How you do anything is how you do everything," "Being ALL In."


Since first being introduced to MLM I've known the necessity of desire to be successful.  Not just any desire- Burning Desire!  "You got to have a dream!"  Your "Why."  I've never really been able to really own this one-can't seem to nail it.  I was in complete agreement when Michael said it wasn't money, however. I also know it is important to write it down.  Attempting to do so in terms of "stuff" left me uninspired.

So here I sit trying to figure it out one more time.

Reviewing my life(I'll do the short version) I started rough. Bad choices led to do or die(literally).  Made better choices.  Ended up in a family partnership-an integral part, but not all in.  After that tried to do my own thing, but fate put me running a landscaping crew for a company- again good, but not all in. Now at 60 years young I find myself basically working for my wife running the horse farm we built since we been together. Again I'm with her on it 100%, but still it's not quite "all in." I enjoy it immensely. I love Jodi and would do anything for her, but it's her dream-her why.


Burning desire?


So, what has me up at 4 am when I normally sleep like a baby?  I MUST HAVE THIS (a successful network marketing business)!!!  


I can't put it into words or explain why, but I since the spark lit the fire over twenty years ago I can't let it go or forget it!


So I'll write one more lesson, get on one more call, speak up one more time, contact one more person, post one more ad... I'll keep on keeping on until I master being "all in.  


Thanks to all the leaders on these calls who show me the way and help me keep the heat turned up!


Michael Robertson