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Michael Dennis Charlotte, North Carolina, United States Of America

Posted: 2017-01-14

I was inspired to learn more about Edwin C. Barnes and his journey to success. In an article From Rags to Riches On Bridge to I read something that Michael Dlouhy tells us from what he has learned. I now better understand that positive thoughts attract like thoughts and sets the mind/subconscious Mind up for success.

What Hill did not tel us ids that when Barnes disembarked the train and walked into the offices of Edison, and told the inventor that he had traveled there to be Edison's partner, His staff was so amused by what Barnes had declared that they broke out in hysterical laughter. To me they just settled to work for Edison, not to partner with him. So they, not having such a vision, did not understand what was in Barnes mind and what had been embedded into his subconscious mind, Backed with a deep, burning desire, Barnes determination to succeed with Edison. You can bet your life, that Barnes IGNORED them.

We who want to make our dreams come true, to see our thought impulses transmuted into it physical equivalent, must also ignore the detractors. Could you imagine what would have happened if Barnes allowed the laughter to intimidate a him? If he had taken that dejection to heart? He would have died with his music in him. And we would have never seen his names written in this book or become a part of business history and business legend.

Barnes was in love with the idea of being Edison's business partner. (sidebar: Here at Mentoring For Free we are learning to become like an Edison, we can attract The bareness of the world who want to come work with us as business partners and be our customers.) Faith, love, desire, enthusiasm and hope are the positive emotions I see when I look at Barnes es story now. I also see auto suggestion as he kept telling himself, that: “I had come here to be Edison's business partner and I am so determination that only death will stop me from my success”.

To the casual observer, it looked like nothing was happening but something was brewing, something big. What Barnes was learning about Edison, was setting the stage to attract to him the opportunity to realize his dream.

Barnes wanted to find out how Edison mind worked and what made him tick. Barnes kept positive thoughts mixing with desire, while he did the best work he could do for Edison (I am learning something there) while awaiting the physical transmuted of his desire to showed up, This was attracting positive thought impulses from Edison as Edison broadcast them into the either in my opinion. I am of the firm belief that he attracted a positive thought impulse on how to sell “The Edison Dictating Machine” and it paid off big.


We never know what thought impulse that enters the mind will be the one that ignites our successes.

The thought that entered Barnes mind was that the Edison Dictating Machine, would provide a useful service to thousands of executive across America. By giving top not service to the executives, Barnes made a fortune. Now I just this minute realized, Barns never said he was going to become a millionaire, he wanted to go into business with Thomas Edison!

In the article ther are listed 15 actions and patterns which barnes persisted in


  1. he knew what e wanted to acomplish

  2. He concentrated his energy on his chosen goals and avoided “time wasters:

  3. He yused the powr of imaginatin to circunvent difficulties

  4. He was willing to start at the botton in order to gain the know how and exposure

  5. He created and seized pooprtunities

  6. He maintained a sogged determinatino to trasfform his goals into reality

  7. He workd long hours with concentrated energy for many years to get what he wanted

  8. He talked relatively little and produced big

  9. He was not deterred by ridicule, criticism,m setbacks or obstacles

  10. Ie made ideas happen

  11. IBM aligtnmentwit his goal, he found a way to help others bvecome more successful

  12. He mad himself invaluable in his work so much that Edison couldn't get along without him

  13. He was committed to providing his custmers with top service

  14. He selected the right people and inspired his team to gretness

  15. He learned everything he could about his chosen line of work”

I have a question do we select the right people all the time?

Wow what a great subject desire is, Barnes white hot desire made him a multi millionaire in his every endeavor.

I have learned something about myself; areas of imporvement I need to tend to. I want my wife Jackie, my choldren, Michelle, Serene, Jewel and my son Michael to have greater pride in me and succeed so much greater than I have or ever will. Thank you Linda and Micheal Dlouhy for all that you do thank you Ken, Bob and Margi, Bob and Ann Bassett and Richard Dennis for all the research you do to brig us quality lessons on our weekly calls and provide an atmosphere of excitement witn the passion you hold within you. And share with us everytime you teach. Thank you for every submitted lesson and those that particpate in the discussions I long to hear your voices and meet you one day sook

To Your Hear From Mine, Always Let Your Success Be Your Fault

Michael Dennis

Charlotte NC