Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Noel Figueroa Cape Coral, FL, USA

Posted: 2017-01-14

Great Day Fellow Leaders,

Desire is the starting point of all achievement. What does that statement really mean? Does Edwin C. Barnes story truly give you an idea of what it means to desire something?

To me a desire is something that becomes an obsession. A thought that takes a hold of you. It becomes something that you think about every moment of your life. Meaning you wake up thinking about it. You go through your waking day thinking about it. It is all consuming in your mind. Your last thought before you close your eyes in bed is that desire, your obsession.

Your desire defines who you are. It determines the company whom you keep.  It determines the extent you will go to attain what you want.

Listen carefully to Mr. Barnes words again (self-talk), “I will see Edison, and put him on notice that I have come to go into business with him. I will start anywhere. I will do anything Edison tells me to do, but before I am through, I will be his associate. There is but one thing in this world I am determined to have, and that is a business association with Thomas A. Edison. I will burn all bridges behind me, and stake my ENTIRE FUTURE on my ability to get what I want.”

To the average person, those are the words of a madman. Those are the words of a stalker. But to Mr. Barnes that was his way of removing any doubts from his mind that would prevent him from achieving his burning desire. He was going to be a business associate of the great Thomas Edison.

“Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a BURNING DESIRE TO WIN, essential to success.”

Just like the warrior, I walked away from the opportunity to earn $100k a year. I did so because it would have meant doing something I did for 20 years and would not provide me the freedom I was seeking. I burned that bridge. I now have no choice – I win – or I perish. To the average person I am a madman.

I am privileged to be in the company of madmen and madwomen here at Mentoring For Free who are “crazy” enough to be dreamers. I believe all of us here at Mentoring For Free desire something simple. To become more than average.

Noel Figueroa