Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2017-01-14

Chapter 2-Desire

Every person I have met that is truly happy with their lives and themselves, it has been because they had the courage to follow their dreams no-matter what and no-matter whom. They are always helping others in some way, it doesn’t matter what profession they have, they share their positive energy, their support, motivation, inspiration and love.

--Evy Y. Parkinson


Are you following your dreams?  Do you even know what your dreams are?  What stops you from following your dreams?

When you have desire, white hot and intense, dreams become reality no matter what they require from you and no matter what anyone else thinks.  What do you desire so much that it inspires your dreams and makes you deaf and blind to what others think of you and the direction you take?  

Because the thing is...desire by itself is not enough.  You have to take action and one way to tell if your desire is strong...white Hill says, is if action follows.  Like the quote says, people who are happy with their lives are always helping others in some way.  In other words their dreams and their desires propel them into action because anything else would be unthinkable, and action is about helping someone else. 

Sometimes these actions can involve great risk.  Some of the greatest dreamers ever, who also had the biggest impact on others, were willing to put their lives on the line to achieve their goals:  Thomas Jefferson, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela.  A hundred years ago  the suffragettes were repeatedly jailed and endured unthinkable hardships for believing in and demonstrating their commitment to the idea that women should have the right to vote. In all of these cases and for all of these people, their causes took many years but their desire was strong and they refused to give up.  Gandhi and MLK both lost their lives in the process.

What is your desire? Is it strong enough?  Maybe this year it is to help 3 people in your organization reach the next pin level. If that is one of your goals, what action do you have planned to help them do that?  What will you do on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis to facilitate that desire?

The list could include activities you do for yourself such as eating well, exercising, and saying your self talk.  It will also include things you do to inspire these people...keeping in touch regularly, getting them on these mastermind calls, helping them review their own goals and create action plans to achieve them, directing them to resources they need like the training on how to craft the perfect self talk.  If you feel strongly about helping these people succeed you will help them find the resources they require, which in turn will inspire them to help others in the same way. 

It all starts with that is white hot, and you will know when you have achieved that when it leads to action steps you are inspired to take no matter what.  Live your life at that level, and you can't help but succeed.


Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA