Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bud Fields Columbia, TN, United States

Posted: 2017-01-04

Hello, everyone. Please call me Bud. All my friends do! :)

What do the TV series "Sherlock", The FBI's Counterfeit Training Group, and a rather well-known sermon I gave my congregations some time ago have in common with Section 15?

In the TV series, Sherlock has a special weapon he uses in fighting crime, removing clutter from the "possible", and arriving at the correct solution: His "Mind Palace". I can say, with a real sense of confidence, that many in this group will immediately recognize the place Sherlock goes. It is that place where he can communicate with, and receive communication  from, the universe. It has been called many things, by many people, for many centuries. I call it "The Super-Conscience".  

For me, personally, there are three basic levels of personal awareness: the conscience, the sub-conscience, and the super-conscience. One of the valuable realities of the super-conscience is that FEAR cannot exist there. This level of personal awareness is, like my home, a "neutral zone" where reality exists in a state of heightened awareness. Correct information can be shared, and correct decisions can be made, and correct action(s) can and must be taken. 

The trouble is, of course, that I have to fight like a mad dog to get there, and stay there. It's really tough work sometimes, but it is too important a work to ignore, or refuse, or accept failure  within. (The ground rules of the super-conscience demand these truths for me.)

I have a friend who, as a young man, realized his dream of becoming an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the USA. At one particular point, he was offered the opportunity to train with the US Department of the Treasury on a new (for the FBI) project designed to train agents in the investigation, methods and legal implications of fraudulent currency:
counterfeiting. He applied, and was accepted in this 8-12 week program. 

Upon completion of his training, he became a regional resource in the fight against counterfeiting. Very proud of his accomplishment, he contacted me. Wishing to share in his success, I invited him to dinner. I wanted to know how what he said would happen was possible. How can you possibly learn, in such a short time, everything there is to know about counterfeiting, and counterfeiters?

During our dinner, I invited him to expound ad naseum on the topic. He didn't.

"So, how many hours a day, and days per week was your training?" I asked him. 

"Ten hours per day, 7 days per week, for 9 weeks. It was grueling work, I can tell you!" Was his reply.

"So what all did you learn about counterfeit currency?"

"Nothing." Yes, I was indeed shocked, and not a little interested. 

"Well, what did you do for all that time?" I asked.

"I looked at every possible example available to us...of legitimate currency."

Then he gave me his secret. I've used it ever since. I hope you may choose to as well.

"Today, I can clearly identify every legitimate US currency I see."

But what about....

"If I see a counterfeit currency, it leaps out at me, red flags flying, screaming at me!"

He was a very good, and extremely good counterfeit agent with a superlative service record.
He retired with not one single "miss" to his record. He was, at the level of his super-conscience,
intimately familiar with the REAL. That's all he required for his job, and for his success. His work
was simplified many times over, and his focus was always on the real. He removed the false immediately.
That was his job.

It is difficult to explain to the uninitiated why their faith fails, or why their religion drops away from them in
times of great difficulty--or often even the not-so-difficult things of life. As a military Chaplain specializing in
hospital chaplaincy that dealt with death and dying, these conversations take on a very especial significance,
as one might imagine. I learned so many things during those times.

One thing I learned is that there is one fear stronger than the fear of death: the fear of living. 
Another thing I learned is that there is one fear stronger than the fear of failure: the fear of success.
For me, this is the most powerful of all fears.

There is one thing I have learned about every fear: Whatever the fear, it is nothing more than
False Evidence Appearing Real. The trick is not in completely knowing and understanding this.

The trick is remembering it when we feel fear. As one member of this group wrote, the trick is to
not give fear a moment's existence. Do not seek protection from within whatever fear you are 
dealing with. Demand of it that it never enter your being! Deal with it immediately by purposeful action. DO SOMETHING!

1. Give it it's name! I use Fred a lot. Sorry, Fred.(Sherlock would never permit it to exist in his mind palace.)
2. Deny it legitimacy, access, power, position and/or purpose.(No self-respecting FBI counterfeiting Agent would submit to it.)
3. Compel it by your individually unique, purposeful and absolute conviction to remove itself from you wherever it may reside. (It is false evidence, 
and it only appears real with your permission. If you prune the fear(s) you immediately see and recognize
away from your tree of knowledge, fear, doubt and all their illegitimate children will never EVER be created. This
is the first desire we must develop, and master!)

This is, for me, what Napolean Hill has said from his first word in this book. 

I am very honored, and humbled to be a part of this group. I look forward to learning, growing and sharing with you here.
My thanks to Tony Harnett, Michael Dloughy, and these incredible mastermind members for this life-changing 

Bud Fields
Columbia, Tennessee