Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Dennis Charlotte, North Carolina, United States Of America

Posted: 2017-01-04


Proverbs_4:23  Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. 

Everyone has had a fear or two or more.. Many of them don't understand where these fears come to be a part of their lives. I remember being fearless when I first joined an MLM for the first time. I could not wait to start showily the plan and sell my audience on the idea. I did not know that those people had fears.

I did not know anything about the six ghosts of fear, I did not know the personality colors, I did not know how to think for myself. I used to see the big picture easily, As time when on I started dreading going our to show the plan. I took rejection personally. I was I imprisoned by the thought of the fear of failure. I did not know I was creating that reality.

Now I am leaning to arm my mind to fight these fears. I am at war with my own thoughts of fears and I am learning though this lesson that I can win this war. I have to win it for my wife and children, for my extended family. This next statements hits home with me.

Hill Writes:

Nature has endowed man with absolute control over but one thing, and that is THOUGHT. This fact, coupled with the additional fact that everything which man creates, begins in the form of a thought, leads one very near to the principle by which FEAR may be mastered.

If it is true that ALL THOUGHT HAS A TENDENCY TO CLOTHE ITSELF IN ITS PHYSICAL EQUIVALENT (and this is true, beyond any reasonable room for doubt), it is equally true that thought impulses of fear and poverty cannot be translated into terms of courage and financial gain.


We have been created to create. we have been given this awesome power of creation by thought, word and belief. We are able to create attraction for anything or anyone into our lives. We have absolute control, but do we exercise it? A body builder take time to build muscle through the resistance of weights to make him stronger physically..

We need to excise to make our faculty of the subconscious mind stronger so that we can constantly control what thoughts enter in and on what we meditate.. We do this by resistance against the negative forces(thought impulses form the either, ourselves or the brains of others. To strengthen the internal muscle of the mind, we must institute a program of actively making decisions as to what thoughts we are going to allow access to great world we are seeking to create. If we fail to, we go into default and everything comes in.

Thoughts of fear are negative they kill off productivity, consistency and persistence hope, faith, ability and only lead to fear of popover. We create our own fears in our own minds when we fail to regulate our dominate thoughts

The people of America began to think of poverty, following the Wall Street crash of 1929. Slowly, but surely that mass thought was crystallized into its physical equivalent, which was known as a “depression.” This had to happen, it is in conformity with the laws of Nature.

One of the greatest displays of the fear of poverty came with the great depression in the late 20s and the thirties. People's hearts failed, their faith in the system failed. We recently had a depression in 2008 and fear of poverty was rampant. People's savings and retirement funds were lost, people lost their homes, the fear of poverty was so great that men's hearts failed them During this time men were so distraught they did some drastic things, making permanent decisions for a temporary situation due to the noise of fear of poverty.

By deliberately feeding ourselves a mental diet of positive thoughts we can slow down the noise and create a state of mind that is not given over to fear. We control our emotions and not allow them to control us. We use our positive thoughts as tools to propel us to success and riches of a positive state of mind instead of states of fear.

To Your Heart From Mine, Let Your Success Be Your Fault
Michael Dennis

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