Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2017-01-04

Chapter 15 - How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

Hill tells us "Fears are nothing more than states of mind. 
One’s state of mind is subject to control and direction."

Those two sentences are just loaded with information;
information which may seem so insignificant when we just
read over it.  

"Fears are nothing more than states of mind."  Who's state
of mind --- OURS.  

And ...."Ones state of mind is subject to control and direction."
Subject to who's control and direction --- WHOEVER WE 


So lets ask ourselves a question,  who are we allowing to
control and direct our mind?  We can so easily fool ourselves
and say, Oh, I would never allow anyone to control and direct
my state of mind.  REALLY?  Are we sure?

Hill lists six of the major fears that humans have and I believe
the most common one to all humans is the fear of CRITICISM. 
Worrying what other people think of us.  

And Yes, I have been one of them. 

So, how do we get rid of this fear.  We have to first recognize
it for what it is.  As Hill said, it is nothing more than a 
state of mind.  Who's state of mind - MINE.  And the only one
that can change my state of mind is ME.  

I am sixty-nine years young and it wasn't until I began doing 
these "Thing & Grow Rich Lessons" by posting my thoughts, by 
participating on the calls, by speaking up and sharing, that 
my fears began to disappear.  

Living without the fear of criticism is like living in a whole 
new world.  That hundred pound weight is off the shoulders, 
the eye sight is clear, the sixth sense kicks in and every day 
is a bright new sun shiny day, full of hope and excitement because we 
know we can accomplish anything we desire when we put our time 
and effort and confidence in ourselves.

Now is the time of year when most people are making plans and
writing goals as to what they want to accomplish at the end of year.
Do we make our goals based on what someone will think of our goals? 
Do we tell ourselves we better lower our goals because others
may think we are reaching too high? 

When we write our goals down this year we can test ourselves to 
see if we still fear criticism by asking ourselves, " Are my goals what I really want
and believe I can achieve or are my goals the ones I think other people
expect them to be?"  

I finished writing down my goals and I sent a copy to my Mentor
and my accountability partners. 

I will be a Double Diamond by the end of 2017 with bright new sun
shiny days full of hope and excitement because I know where I
am going and it does not matter what someone else may think of
my goals because I am the only one who can control my goals.

Tuula Rands