Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rita Bingham Spring, Texas, USA

Posted: 2017-01-04

Rita Bingham

Chapter 15: How To Outwit The Six Ghosts of Fear


The Six Basic Fears

At some time or another, every human encounters one or more of “The Six Basic Fears”.  Even you and I, we all do.  You are quite lucky if you haven’t encountered all six. In the order of their most common appearance are:

  1. Fear of Poverty
  2. Criticism
  3. Ill Health
  4. Loss of Love of Someone
  5. Old Age
  6. Death

Every other fear can be grouped under one of these six headings mentioned.


A lot of people, “Baby Boomers” already know they don’t want poverty to be a part of their remaining lives.  They “don’t want to outlive their money”.  They don’t plan on being a “Greeter at Walmart”, Lowes or The Home Depot.  Some have made a plan; how successful they are at that plan I have no idea. However, this generation Poverty in no way, form or fashion is part of the deal.  (It is said that “Thought Impulses translate to their physical equivalent”).  In my own opinion, in 2017, there is no blurred line, one or the other will touch your life; Poverty or Riches. 

If you demand riches, determine what form, and how much will be required to satisfy you.  One you do this, go after this as if your life depends on it, because it does.  No stopping, no pausing, no distractions must stop or delay you.  This is your life from here out that we’re speaking of.

Fear of poverty is only a state of mind and nothing else.  However, it is enough to destroy any achievement you may wish to have in your pursuit of happiness.  Fear of poverty is the most destructive of all the six fears and the most difficult to master. Nothing brings a man as much suffering and humility as poverty.


My Mentor answers this by saying; “It is none of my business what others think of me.  The only thing that is my business is what I think of myself”.  It’s true.  If a criticism can help you, take it.  If it is negative and won’t do a thing to help you, let it slide off you like water off a duck’s back.