Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2017-01-04

Note: I wrote the following lesson on "The Sixth Sense" and then realized I had the wrong chapter.  But because this lesson wrote ITSELF with little help from me, maybe there's a reason I got mixed up.  In a surprising way, it speaks to the Ghosts of Fear as much as it does the still, small voice within us.


It’s the beginning of a brand New Year and that means a brand new Planner.  My “Twenty-Seventeen” LiveWell bound planner is on my desk with all her beautiful colors, luxury paper and well designed monthly and weekly pages. Sigh. To a Planner girl like me, it's like opening up a new box of crayons on the first day of school. 


There’s a special page for me to write my 2017 Mission Statement.  Over the years I’ve written all kinds of Mission Statements to fit key areas of my life.  But what is THE Mission Statement that will guide me through the year 2017 A.D. with all its opportunities and challenges?


I searched for some highly inspired quotes that would light a white-hot fire within me. None jumped off the pages.  But in a quiet moment my Sixth Sense gave me what I think is quite profound and fits perfectly with how I want to live out 2017. 


Drum roll please….


My Mission for 2017...


“Get over yourself.”


How will December 31, 2017 look when I…

     …No longer allow the fear of "not measuring up" to hold me back.

     …Push through my own resistance and DO things that I think are too scary?  Screwing up will only make me better.  And it will probably make for a good story at some future date.



How will December 31, 2017 look when I …

     … Consistently COMPLETE the daily activities that build my skills, like doing Facebook Lives and videos.

     …ACHIEVE Diamond, not for feeding my ego, but for the money.  I’m not in this for a nice hobby.  I want to be debt free and OWN my life. I want to enjoy those residual and bonus checks that say TO: Margi Starr.



How will December 31, 2017 look when I…

     ..TRUST and ACT upon the hunches of the Sixth Sense?  No matter how random.  No matter what time of day they are “delivered” to me.



How will December 31, 2017 look when I have…

     …SURRENDERED 100% to being authentic, vulnerable, and transparent? 

      …LIVED out my Mission Statement, “Get over yourself.” 



Writing all this makes my heart race and stomach flip. Must be the PERFECT Mission Statement for me.

Ready or not, “Twenty-Seventeen,” here we come!


Margi "Rising" Starr