Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Noel Figueroa Cape Coral, FL, USA

Posted: 2017-01-03

Great Day,

I found an opportunity that has a firm grip on my imagination. I say to myself, “This is it. This is my ticket to financial freedom. This ticket will resolve all of my problems.” I say this with great conviction because Mr. Hill said,

“Man can create nothing which he does not first conceive in the form of an impulse of thought. Man’s thought impulses begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent, whether those thoughts are voluntary or involuntary.” Mr. Hill goes on to say, “The starting point of the path that leads to riches is DESIRE.”

Man oh man do I possess DESIRE! No one can stop me! I am unstoppable! Get out of my way! Either you’re with me or move out of my way! Then it happens.

After ten years and six companies the six fears waltzes in and occupies my mental space every step of the way. I am excited. I have this super duper unstoppable desire. Why am I not succeeding? What is going on? Enthusiasm is replaced with frustration and at times anger. But I apply this self-talk understanding that FEAR is nothing more than a state of mind. But it’s powerful. I say to fear, “Who the hell invited you here?”  And the response is simple, “You did.” I am in shock. I invited the six fears into my mind?

In reality I found my weakness in the mirror. I was in denial. Just like the alcoholic can begin his road to recovery only after admitting he has a drinking problem, I realized that my thinking was the problem for my lack of success in this promising profession called network marketing. A sobering moment.

Mr. Hill says, “You may control your own mind, you have the power to feed it whatever thought impulses you choose. With this privilege goes also the responsibility of using it constructively. You are the master of your own earthly destiny just as surely as you have the power to control your own thoughts. You may influence, direct, and eventually control your own environment, making your life what you want it to be.”

I allowed myself to be distracted, sidetracked, and nudged off course by friends, co-workers, family members, many in the very profession I dream of financial freedom and most important myself. In other words, I was susceptible to negative influences. I thought of quitting many times and going back to doing what I knew best, real estate and anything involving law enforcement.

To protect myself against negative influences I harnessed the will-power to walk away from the sources of negativity. I burned all bridges that would entice me to go back to a paycheck. I sought the company of people who influenced me to think and act for myself through the many books, CD’s, DVD’s and now the Mentoring For Free system, where you learn HOW to think, not WHAT to think! Because of my obsession to become more and the Mentoring For Free system my faith has been re-energized. I know Michael and Linda say that they believe in me, but I am here because I believe that they believe in me.

Noel Figueroa