Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2016-12-31



“You may control your own mind you have the power to feed it
whatever thought impulses you choose. With this privilege
goes also the responsibility of using it constructively. You
are the master of your own earthly destiny just as surely as
you have the power to control your own thoughts. You may
influence, direct, and eventually control your own environment,
making your life what you want it to be--or, you may neglect
to exercise the privilege which is yours, to make your life
to order, thus casting yourself upon the broad sea of
"Circumstance" where you will be tossed hither and yon, like
a chip on the waves of the ocean.”

I love to cook! I have been preparing meals since I was 10 old.
My parents both worked, so after getting home from school I put
together a meal. Most of the time it was something simple beans,
corn, okra, or something else we had canned or frozen during the
summer. There always had to be potatoes stewed, fried or mashed.
The first time I had the meal on the table ready to eat, mother
was shocked specially when she noticed the fresh hot cornbread.
She looked at me and asked how did I know how to make cornbread,
and with the surety of a 10-year-old I said, “I watched you.”

What I enjoy about cooking is the creative. My hobby is making
new creations and the fun is the enjoyment I see when other find
pleasure in what I have prepare. Among my favorite meals to prepare
are soups and chili. They never fail to get a smile from those whom
I serve.

I specially enjoy making vegetable soup. I start by getting the
big soup pot (I have two). Now put in the dice onions, lean ground
beef or cube beef, make sure toss in some dice potatoes, carrots,
peas, corn, and plenty of chopped or diced tomatoes. Now add the
liquids, beef or chicken booth and spices, to taste. Let is simmer
on lower all afternoon. Have I made you hunger, yet?

Our lives are like a pot of soup, what we get out of life is only
the reflection or taste of what is put in our pots. Most of us came
to MFF with bad pot of soup. Over the years, we fill lives with tons
of negative and destructive materials. The first of these are the
rocks of indecision, doubt, and fear. As Mr. Hill wrote, “The Sixth
Sense will never function while these three negatives, or any of them
remain in your mind. The members of this unholy trio are closely
related; where one is found, the other two are close at hand.” Then
comes the fears of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love of
someone, old age and death.

I see now that my life pot was filled with the fear of poverty
messages. I can hear my mother saying, “We have never had anything
and never will.” There’s “Just because they have some money, they
think they are better than us.” (This was about other family
member.) Or “You can’t make it in business or sales, get a real job.”
Another “Be careful, you know the danger in having money, you know
the what the Bible says.” Well, you get the picture.

Hill said, “Fears are nothing more than states of mind. One's state
of mind is subject to control and direction.” Also, he wrote, “To
protect yourself against negative influences, whether of your own
making, or the result of the activities of negative people around you,
recognize that you have a WILL-POWER, and put it into constant use,
until it builds a wall of immunity against negative influences in
your own mind.”

In coming to MFF and TGRL, I have embarked on a redo of my life pot.
I started pouring of the positive emotions, using my self-talks,
being on the 9 calls per week, writing a lesson for TGRL, speaking
up to share the wisdom I’ve gained, and reaching out to those who
have download the e-book with a genuine belief in their potential.

Thank you, Michael and your co-pilot Linda what a blessed you have
given us. Thanks to all of you mentors willing to share of yourselves.

Nathan Grimes
Lubbock, TX USA