Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mike Patel clarksville, UnitedStatesofAmerica, 37043, United States

Posted: 2016-11-09

Organized Planning. The crystillization of desire into action. The sixth step towards riches.

-There are two types of leadership. 1. One in which you agree to do something. and 2. One in which you are forced to do something even though you don't like it.

-Only by being COACHABLE, and being part of MFF can this be resolved to your satisfaction.Being coahable, you follow what steps you have to implement and then meet your Mastermimd group on Wednesday each for the T&GR lessons and 8 other weekly calls.

-During my teenage years, back in Centrsl Africa where I come from.My dad's health was failing in the late 1970's.So I joined him to resue the family and continue the family life w ithout being here and there and being United.This way, my younger brother could continue his education. Likewise, my elder brother could complete his degree at A College .

-I had to be with him th the store at the smae time as he goes. This means waking up early,and going together. Being young, you want to go later but that was strictly not permissible. I did not have the luxury of my own car. So I did not have a choice but go with him.Weekends- Saturday and sunday we were open for business as well. All my friends were at Sports games, while I was working at the store. My main responsibility I had to be with my father to help him. That is the reason I am in the store. me being on the Sports field with my friends would mean leaving my dad on his own. That would be unthinkable and even your conscience would not permit you to do something out of place.

-Now, over 30 years later, all that experience my dad provided with all the long hours and seven days a week work helped me understand one thing: It all comes down to hard work. I was reminded how much I came with from India when I first started in business? Things just did not fall from the sky as to what you are currently seeing. You are a teenager and you have a tendency to go with your friends but I had to park myself in the store. Period! Like it or not.

-In today's world, with the shiny object syndrome and living the fast and social media life where you want instant success. The work ethic provided with being with my dad, at the time not very welcoming for me but now helping me with my work and help me follow a System to achieve your end result with a date to achieve that goal. MFF is a prime example, thanks to Michael and Linda Dlouhy

Mike Patel- Clarksville, Tennessee