Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Louise Douglas Hartford, CT, USA

Posted: 2016-11-09

Organized Planning begins first in the form of Desire.  This Desire is the first step of the journey into the workshop of imagination  where Plans for  its'  transition are created and organized.  

I still remember growing up seperated from my mother at an early age.  My desire as I got older was to meet her and  my life would be so much better.  Meeting her did not happen for a number of years, the plans I had did not fit the reality of the moment. All my plans were my own with no guidance from the adults around me.

I have been in several MLM  groups and the comparison with my childhood is very close.  One motto was "the system is the secret" , I did not know what the system was. 

I am very grateful for  Mentoring For Free and the Mastermind  Team  the secret is out and  I am learning  "how to think and not what to think"

Thanks to Michael, Linda for  giving of themselves for all who  speak up and share their skills to benefit me,and to Bob for the "Desire to see me be a "Succees".

Much  appreciation to you all.