Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Rodelli Highland, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-11-09

   The Sixth Step Toward  Riches: Organized Planning

Dr. Hill Planned this to be a long chapter, To nail down much that has been discussed so far and the vital lessons of organized planning for the reader who will hold hard to this thought: Money cannot move, think or even talk: but it Can "hear" when a man or woman desires it, calls it to come!

There are very few insurmountable obstacles in life if we choose to use the road to success(state of mind) that bypass obstacles, rise and soar over obstacles, crash through obstacles simply because we believe  "WHO SAYS I CAN'T!' break through to money.

Hill explains the Master- Mind alliance principle earlyThey went out on a whim.  Made mistakes. Learned from them and grew.  You have a step up on all of them you have the training. Now stop being a perpetual student and go out there and learn from your mistakes.  It's time to hit the ground running.  You need to find your own pitch your own way your own success , a highly important principle that will dealt with again in chapter 9, stating  "No individual has sufficient experience,education, native ability, and knowledge to assure the accumulation of a great fortune without the cooperation of other people.He states that this statement takes nothing away from the essential independence of the individual in finding his own very best way toward wealth. But it does recognize that we all share the world. We learn that our thoughts and actions toward others resemble an electric magnet which attracts to us the same sort of thought and the same sort of action that we, ourselves, create.

Hill asks us to break down his quiz in this chapter to what "applies to me" and smaller lists of this to "I can do something about it."

 Defeat? What is it? Make it a means of becoming stronger. Defeat, Hill states,is a signal to try again, not to give up. if YOUR CONCEPTION OF DEFEAT IS THAT OF A SIGNAL THAT SAYS THE END, YOUR NOT MAKING CORRECT USE OF EXPERIENCE.(sorry to be red a personality). A quitter never wins. A winner(how You look at it, and what You do about it) never quits!  

Through the answers in the quizzes in this chapter, we find that we are building here a very personal picture of ourselves and a very personal guide that we use toward  success. The use of this chapter helps you to be a critical thinker, know how to think and to speak for YOURSELF!