Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ron West Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Posted: 2016-11-09

Chapter 7 Organised Planning.

Wow1 There is a lot in this lesson! 

This is why I need to read this over and over in order to understand.

What I understand so far, from this lesson is that, all we have learned in the previous 5 lessons
is now being brought together, culminating in an Organised Paln, for us to take forward, all based in the 
DESIRE for our future, which each of us individually have defined for ourselves. 

This then becomes the blueprint for our future success, where we will have built the will to persist
and never give up, when we hit the challenges whih we will all encounter in our individual journey
through life.

By producing our organised plan, we have 'No Excuse' to stop us 'pulling the trigger', as all of us 'Greens' are
reluctant to do, in case we make a mistake, or through the fear of making a mistake.

We will just have to get on with it, and by being part of this group of Masterminds, we now know
where we can go to be able to work through any challenges we may face as well.

My thanks go to all the leadership in this incredible group, at last I have a place where I can go
now, instead of trying to work it out on my own. Then I will really be able to help others too.

Teamwork is the key.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Southampton UK