Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ray Gauthier Pasadena, ca, U.S.

Posted: 2016-11-09

Organized Planning

All thngs begin in the mind in the form of desire. Then thru the use of auto suggestion plans are placed in the mind

and handed over to the imagination which is then backed by faith  and beleif and a burning desire for its realization.

One must be in alliance with a master mind group and their must be harmony withing the group.And sound plans are

created thru the education and  ability of other minds, No individual by hinmself, has created any great fortune or without the

cooperation of other.

And once the plan is created and it fails to work it must be replaced with another plan and as many as it takes. Now 

this is where many men fail, because they don't persist long enought. As it states here quitters never win and   also

a winner never quits.


Ray Gauthier