Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Carolynn Sikorski Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Posted: 2016-11-07

Chapter 7: Organized Planning


My lesson on Organized Planning:


This has been a real eye-opener for me and I want to share with you my experience and AHA moment!


I am self-employed and run a very busy practice from my home and make a decent income.  My dark side is that my family “expects” me to always step up and help at the drop of a hat; and I have always allowed that to happen!


My grandson was sick with Bronchitis and was sent home from Daycare, I was the one that was expected to care for him because everyone else was “working”….you’re kidding me, because I work from home apparently I don’t work….!


Because this has always been me, the fixer, the resolver of problems etc., I continued without question and re-organized and re-scheduled my clients to accommodate everyone else’s schedule. 


My grandson got better after a week, was back at daycare for two days and another parent brought in their sick child, my grandson ended up getting sick again, was sent home and I did the same thing again…re-organized, re-scheduled my clients and cared for my grandson while everyone else went “to work”. 


This went on for the last 3-weeks!  Fortunately, with all the cuddles that were happening I was able to do a lot of “sole-searching” and found that I was creating this scenario and I was the one that had to put a stop to it!


I decided that, I am valuable, I do “work”, I have a very busy practice from my home that brings in an income and I will no longer be the one to always get “walked on”! (Don’t get me wrong, I love my grandson to pieces - the cuddles are the absolute best!)


Moral of the story is that my Organized Planning for my business and myself went out the window.  This cost me lost business for those weeks, being overridden with guilt, and the evil self-talk of devaluing myself all because I chose to not commit to my Organized Plan. 


“A leader, once convinced that a particular course of action is the right one, must…be undaunted when the going gets tough.”  --Ronald Reagan


Thank you,