Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2016-10-09

Chapter 3 Faith

As the daughter of a minister I learned the word faith in a religious context.  As a child I found it to be a very abstract concept, something we talked about in Sunday School but difficult to grasp and apply in daily life.  How much easier it would have been, and how different my life might have been, if I had learned that faith is a state of mind...something I can control to create a life that is abundant in all ways.  For example Hill says:

Faith is a state of mind "that may be induced by self-suggestion."  In other words we can create faith in positive outcomes with regular positive self-talk.  Or if we are in default mode, we create faith in  negative outcomes,like "I guess my friends are right, this is all a scam," or "This seems to work for some people but not for me." 

"Faith is the 'eternal elixir' which gives life, power and action to the impulse of thought."  We get to choose where we want to apply our faith by using it to give power to our thoughts and create the outcome we desire.  Want to know how well you are applying faith?  Look at your is a reflection of your thoughts, especially your desires, and the faith that gives them power.

"Faith is the starting point of all accumulation of riches!"   Your burning desire is the energy you need to propel you forward, and faith gives it a  direction, a track to run on.  When your desire is strong and your faith reflects a positive state of mind, you will move towards abundance.  When the inevitable challenges arise, faith reminds you that all is well despite appearances that might suggest otherwise, so keep moving forward following your hunches.

"Faith is the only known antidote for failure!"  In other words, failure is just a temporary defeat, a hiccup along the way to success when you allow the power of faith to show you the way.  For example, when you make a commitment to "be here a year from now," you are demonstrating faith in the path set out here at Mentoring for Free showing you a proven way to success.

Faith is also the only way in which we can harness and use "the cosmic force of Infinite Intelligence."  In other words, if you want the hunches and guidance that come with being tapped into Infinite Intelligence, invest in's the only way.  How do you do that?  Say your positive self talk a thousand times a day.  Then the track is clear and your move towards an abundant life guaranteed.

What is faith?  It's a state of mind...either positive or negative, you choose.  Where does it come from?  We create it with our self talk or by default with whatever comes into our minds from wherever we happen to be or whomever we happen to be with.  How do we know if it's working?  Look at your life...need more money?  Better relationships?  More successful business?  Create a stronger more positive faith by taking control of your mind.  This  gives you a path to run on and allows you to harness the energy of Infinite Intelligence. Then pay attention to the hunches and guidance that Infinite Intelligence sends your way. here a year from now.


Celeste Smucker