Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Sharon Valentine Houston, Texas, United States

Posted: 2016-07-06

Chapter 4 – Auto Suggestion

When reading lesson plans for this chapter, it seems to me that most people focus on self-talk – speaking to yourself with emotion.  That is a great way to influence your subconscious mind, yet Napoleon Hill tells us that “all sense impressions which are perceived through the five senses, are stopped by the CONSCIOUS thinking mind, and may be either passed on to the subconscious mind, or rejected, at will.”  Before we understood language, our parents and other caregivers started to develop our self-image through our other senses.  We were held while we were being fed.  Our mother may have sung to us at bed time.  Our clothes were soft and comforting, and we were changed often so that we were dry.

Think of your favorite comfort food – the one you go to when you’re down or feeling isolated.  Does the sight and sound of ocean waves, salt air and sand between your toes relax you?  How about hiking in the forest?  The sounds of birds, the wind rustling in the leaves, the smell of pine trees or the musky earth experienced while you hear and feel yourself breathing in rhythm to your steps.  Do you feel secure and at peace when snuggling with your spouse on the couch after a long day?

If you live in Kansas, you might not be able to drive to the Pacific Ocean on a drop of a hat, but people have this marvelous ability to visual ourselves anywhere, and feel that we’re living the experience.  I would invite you to use more than one sense in your auto-suggestion exercises.  See yourself living the life that you want to live.  The subconscious mind can’t tell fantasy from reality.  Send it some pictures to look at every now and then.