Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mary Mirembe TORONTO, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2016-07-06


The Third Step toward Riches

Autosuggestion is talking to ourselves (Self-Talk), and when we are talking to ourselves, we are talking to our subconscious mind. Through regular and persistent practice of talking to ourselves, we can perform wonderful things in our success, health and happiness and in shaping our destinies.

Hill gives us a most significant fact about autosuggestion and an understanding of it. He writes "the subconscious mind takes any orders given it in a spirit of absolute faith, and acts upon those orders, although the orders often have to be presented over and over again, through repetition, before they are interpreted by the subconscious mind." This is the reason why we should say our positive Self-Talk several times a day to enable our subconscious mind to transmute our desire into reality over a period of time.

We just have to determine what we want to be, or what we want to do, then go ahead and do it in earnest, do the work regularly and continuously while concentrating upon a given desire until it becomes a burning obsession. Success will be the reward of our efforts.

It is what we think we can do, and what we say to ourselves we can do, that we can ultimately do.

Napoleon Hill said to himself, "I can cross the Alps," and Napoleon Hill did cross the Alps!

In this regard, when great responsibilities face us, or when seemingly difficult tasks are placed before us, we should say to ourselves, "I can and I will cross the Alps," and then undertake the work in hand with the same zeal and determination that characterized Hill's march, and pursue it persistently to the end. Only success will be assured in all our undertakings.

Many philosophers have made the statement that man is the master of his own earthly destiny, but most of them have failed to say why he is the master. The reason that man may be the master of his own earthly status, and especially his financial status, is thoroughly explained in this chapter. Man may become the master of himself, and of his environment, because he has the power to influence his own subconscious mind - Napoleon Hill.

Therefore learn to trust yourself and use the powers you have. Say to yourself, "I can and I will." Do not say, "I can and I shall try." The MFF Boot Camp paves the way for us to succeed.

Thank you Michael and Linda and all the leaders for the work you have put into this new MFF training program.

Mary Mirembe
Ontario, Canada