Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-07-05

What are You constantly saying to Yourself? Are You suggesting to Yourself that You are able to achieve Your goal or dream or do You say something that stops You dead in Your tracks. Are You letting others autosuggestion or thoughts get into Your mind and letting You change Your own thoughts or are You constantly saying this is who I am and this what I am going to do. What others say is none of my own business, what is my own business is what I am saying to myself.

Last week we were on faith and before that desire, we must have the faith along with desire and keep on saying to ourselves that we can achieve our goal. Even with all the opposition, You need to suggest to Yourself constantly when You're wanting to lose weight that what You are doing is working and going to work for You or You are toast.

Yes You will hear many different excuses when aiming for Your goal of losing weight and regaining Your health. In a way I’ve heard them all, it's just genetics that people are skinny, it's too hard, I am too tired. For Years You could of have counted Myself in that group as was unaware of ways to improve My own health.

Then I had to change My health and started with the company that knew whose products worked and would help to get the results needed as well as at the gym. It was constant saying to Myself and seeing Myself in medium clothes and believing that was in medium clothes that kept that weight loss going for 15 months. It was that constant saying to Myself that the next woman who met was going to be My wife over 3 months that made it happen.

What You say to Yourself and allow others to even let through Your filters believing emotionally is going to get through. When You truly believe and say that it's going to happen then it will happen. That is the power of auto-suggestion.

Thanks to my amazing powerful, wonderful friends and Mentors Michael and Linda Dlouhy along with Ken Klemm who have been my constant guides and helped along this journey to success. For Your ongoing love, appreciation, support and encouragement. To my amazing wife Jenny for Your own ongoing love support and encouragement thank You also.

Your friend and mentor,

With love and appreciation

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW (Soon to be from Gold Coast Queensland Australia)