Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ingrid Camacho SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, United States

Posted: 2016-07-04

Everyone is affected by the power of auto suggestion, whether it be on purpose or by auto pilot default.  We are  conditioned from birth and programs are fed into our minds without our permission.  As we grow older and start to think for ourselves, we can begin to take over control of the ship of our mind.

However,the course has already been pre- programmed into the ship’s computer (our mind) by the previous watch (friends, family, experiences of life).
Therefore, once we consult the charts and establish we are off course for our final destination (the life style we wish to live), we then need to chart a new and  fresh course or maybe only make some minor alterations, depending on where we are located.

But how do we set this new course and re-program the ship’s computer? Simple, use the power of auto suggestion. 

We first need to be certain of where we are going and then get excited, get very excited and send this instruction through to our mind. Write it down, in detail and repeat it over and over to yourself each day while mixing with positive emotions and the new course is set and we may sail through life with confidence we will reach our desired destination.

Naturally, when dealing with Mother Nature, we are likely to  encounter a few storms on our journey. That’s Ok, we can  just ride it out, it won’t last long, and then we can  go back to the chart table, check our compass, make any necessary adjustments and keep right on sailing.

And before we know it, we will have had simply the most wonderful and exciting journey, filled with many adventures  as the good ship SS Auto - Suggestion pulls into the safe harbor of our dreams!


Ingrid Camacho


P.S. Who else wants to go on a cruise?