Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2016-07-04

The first time I read this chapter, more than twenty years ago now, it seemed very confusing.

Just by repeating regularly, aloud and with emotion, those things I so badly wanted they had become an obsession, would be realized because my subconscious mind would formulate the plans needed to bring those dreams to reality. Yeah right?

Sounded like early editions of the Magic Roundabout, a popular children’s show at the time in which doubts were later raised about which type of grass some of the characters were consuming.

Later, I realized I had been using the incredible powers of auto-suggestion and my subconscious mind from a very early age. It was that combination which enabled me to learn to walk, to learn those things the educational system decided were important, Maths, English, Speech, Exam studies and pretty much everything else were all carefully filed in that incredible storage system to be recalled as needed.

All of that ‘stuff’ had reached this filing system from the conscious part of my brain through repetition (auto-suggestion) and repeated usage (self-talk).

Suddenly this entire chapter and the lesson Mr. Hill was trying to give made sense.

Sadly, life sometimes gets in my way and I forget to say my self- talk as often as I know I should, then have to get back into the habit but at least I now know that that unstoppable power exists, is within me and only requires me to harness it correctly.

John Smith.

Gloucester UK