Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Elijah Justice Anderson, South Carolina, United States

Posted: 2016-07-03

Thoughts are indeed things. The more you think about it, the likely of it becoming a reality. Just like when someone learns a new skill, It maybe daunting at first but over time, with determindation, the student learns the skill well enough to do it on their own. This turns into "auto suggestion." The skills, thoughts, actions, ideas and opinions automattically come to us, without a second thought. Instinct is a prom example of auto suggestion. We, as humans, were born with it.We can pick up on when to flee from danger and to stay put until the coast is clear. 

Sadly, we have lost most of this vital tool due to man's constant interference in nature and his desire to manipulate people. As for evil, no was was born with it. It's a learned behavior that becomes "auto-sugessted" by a person's economics, quality of living and other factors. Brainwashing is another form of auto suggesting. This, however, involves a deeper form of control. It taps into a person's sunconscious and didtorts thier thinking process. 

The question is: How "auto-suggestive" are you?

Elijah Justice