Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2016-07-03



The Third Step toward Riches

In Chapter 1 of T&GR, we learned "Thoughts are Things". We create our own
reality by what we tell our subconscious mind.

We have our conscious mind that decides what is passed on to our subconscious

Hill also tells us we get thoughts from the ether. Where are your thoughts from
the ether coming from? Are they from negative or positive people? It is
suggested our success will come from our 5 closest friends. What are your 5
closest friends saying about you when you are not present? If it isn't good when
you are present, you can bet it isn't good when you are absent.

We have absolute control over what reaches our subconscious mind. Each one of us
is responsible for where we are in life, nobody else. That may be a bit hard for
some to swallow, but true.

Your ability to use self-talk will depend on your ability to CONCENTRATE upon
your DESIRE until it becomes a BURNING DESIRE. Until you develop FAITH it will
Tony Koker has said through experience it takes about a month for this
to happen. I too, have found this to be true, only after saying my self-talk
well over 1000 times a day. When you begin saying it silently, automatically,
you know you have convinced your subconscious mind it believes you.

I am writing this Sunday morning after having been on the Saturday evening
Coaches Corner Mastermind call where we had a soft launch of the new Boot Camp
software. All I can say is WOW! The value we will receive from what is being
created here is far beyond my expectation.

When a person downloads a the ebook, they have tapped into some of the best
NWM/Life training available anyplace, bar none. The ebook introduces them to the
MFF training. Step 2 begins their personalized training as to what a legal moral
and ethical company is. Step 3 is a coaching call where a person is given the
"Blueprint for Success". If they implement it fully, Michael can GUARANTEE their

Michaels's philosophy is, "Build it once, build it Big and build it to pay your
children's children." To do this one MUST be in a 5 Pillars company.

Now we are ready, if we have been on the Wednesday calls, posting lessons and
speaking up for at least 4 weeks, we are ready to begin using this new Boot Camp

This Boot Camp will allow us a very good opportunity to be as successful as we

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM

PS: Hill goes into great detail, encouraging us to complete all the steps in
Chapter 2.