Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2016-07-01

Chapter 4 - Auto Suggestion

How important is auto-suggestion or "self-talk"?

Hill writes "The actual performance of transmuting 
DESIRE into money, involves the use of auto-suggestion 
as an agency by which one may reach, and influence, 
the subconscious mind. The other principles are simply 
tools with which to apply auto-suggestion. Keep this 
thought in mind, and you will, at all times, be conscious of
how important part the principle of auto-suggestion is to play in your efforts to 
accumulate money through the methods described in this book."

So how  important is auto-suggestion or "self-talk"? 

Hill just told us  that it is the important part as "all the other principles
are simply tools with which to apply auto-suggestion."

We say "self-talk" all the time and by being here at Mentoring 
for Free we are learning the right kind of self talk but did we really
realize how important self-talk is?

Like Hill stated all the other principles are tools simply to
make self-talk work.  

I have to admit I am guilty of not saying my self talk 
as much as I should.  I go about my day and do this in 
my business, and I do that  in my business and I go 
about doing all the tasks that need doing at home and with my
family and the end of the day comes and I have been so busy
that I recognize my self talk did not get done as much as I would have liked.

As Michael told me once, "You need the Think & Grow 
Lessons as much as you need oxygen."  I believe I need 
"more self-talk" as much as I need oxygen.

I believed I was "All IN" with my business and then sometimes, as the old
saying goes, we need "a check up from the neck up" and we find we were
just missing the mark.

Breath deep and feed my subconscious mind.

More self talk - more oxygen.

Tuula Rands