Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Hoskins Breaux Bridge, La, United States

Posted: 2016-06-22

This is my first post and look forward to my much needed personal growth and relationships i will acquire participitating in this program. i've been involved in MLM companies before and have never built anything close to resembling a network. I have been involved in my current company for less then 1 month. i do feel i am getting off to a better start even though i havn't sponsered 1 person as of yet. i am reaching out and desiring personal growth. What stood out to me in this chapter is how important burning bridges are, it's all or nothing, no plan B, no turning back. also the fourth step  mentioned by Mr. Hill as to begin at once whether you're ready or not. Starting now ready or not with no escape plan, is a very scary thought for me. But I have to get this thing right this time and put in the necessary action, with the belief that this will happen for me. i just need to learn to put others needs brfore my needs and then my needs will get taken care of.