Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Sharon Cobb Evans, GA, USA

Posted: 2016-06-22



The First Step toward Riches


It is of the upmost importance for me to be here today.  Something happened to me earlier this week.  I admitted to myself that I have not been totally "All In".  
As Michael has explained so many times, as well as my Mentor Bob Shoaf.  I must be "All In" for anything to manifest.  I would do a little here, a little there.  I will be on the calls and speak up as well.  Now, I must swim or sink and I refuse to sink!  I have always, for several years back anyway,  had a desire of being in the network marketing business.  The ebook STS gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.  There is so much to learn.  I love learning, especially about people.  Now I really klnow how important each and every call is.  I have an opportunity to listen in when those who have downloaded the ebook are called upon by other mentors here.  I have waited way too long to get to this point, however I am here now and that's all that matters.  No turning back.  Forward on from here on out and no looking back.  Bob Shoaf has been such a great mentor and friend for me. Thank you.  And Michael Dlouhy,  I want to Thank you to for putting all this together for us.  Everyone here in th MFF group for participating and speaking up.  I am growing and learning.  I can truely understand what a definite burning desire for something is, NOW.  I am ALL IN and will continue to be ALL IN.  This includes writing weekly chapters from T&GR, each day of weekly calls, and taking action.  This is definetly the only way I am going to be able to manifest my dreams.  

Just in Time,
Sharon Cobb
Evans, GA