Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Bird Torrance, Ca, USA

Posted: 2016-06-22


Think and grow Rich - Chapter -Desire

Michael Bird

June 22, 2016


The basics and foundation of living are in these areas:














There may be more for you but my day is full of these and are a life time desire and practice to master.


I DESIRE to have all these areas work and be successful in my life.


Chapter Two tells me to have a description of the Desire that I want in areas that make me rich.


I must write it down and read it twice daily in the morning and at night.


By writing a positive affirmation or two of potent self talk of each area telling the universe what I am creating, the universe will magnetically set in motion the “HOW to get it” done.


By being diligent and consistent to my “Truths of Desire” and rigorous to the moment to moment self talk throughout my day, my reality will shift in the direction of my most dominating thoughts and come to life.


I am the author of my life and my future. Thoughts are things. My thoughts are what make up my day and then my life. You are what you think about all day long.


I must put forth with FOCUS and HEART DRIVIN PASSION what I say is the most important desire to me. Thus when doing this persistently and with consistency a “White Heat of Desire” will arise in me and I am living my highest purpose.


However!! I cannot just sit there - I must take action and be open to its attraction to me.


Most importantly, whatever my written self talk of desire may be I must drop my line into the pond of that particular area of life and begin to walk my life straight into that direction I say I desire.


If it's Fitness that I want - then I must have plan to workout, join a gym, get a trainer – and get there each day or just get moving right away.


If it's Finance or money I want - I must be in the pond of a 5 pillar business system where the opportunity is limitless and long term and where I earn while I learn.


I must pick the things I say are fun and go for the fun, and share the joy of life. For a life without joy and fun unshared is an empty life at all!!


Whatever area I say is important - I must be willing to give up who I think I have become and go for the unknown vision of the person I have yet to be and meet.


How exciting and adventurous life is from this way of thinking and growing rich!!!


Today is the day to go for the desires and dreams I say are truly worth living for.




Know what you want, have the courage to be on your dream no matter what others think or say to you, put your focus in helping others to help themselves to succeed in what ever they do and life will be rich and abundant.


Thank you