Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Gary Nott Barnhart, Missouri, United States

Posted: 2016-06-22

Chapter 2 DESIRE The starting point of all achievement


The First Step toward Riches


When you heat up iron, it changes color as it gets hotter, from a glow of red to a bright red and finally it turns to an intense white glow. At this temperature if you heat it more, it will vaporize and turn to gas.

Mr. Hill says our desire to achieve must be to that degree of passion.


Total, unstoppable, not a shadow of turning, definite, focused white hot  DESIRE.

As a vivid example, Michael recently told of his experience when only sixteen years old and he swam out to retrieve their boat that had got loose from its moorings. There are a lot of legitimate reasons why he could have failed but his purposeful desire overcame all obstacles. That is a priceless picture in my mind I will never forget, thank-you Michael.


There is so much brilliance in this lesson expressed by each contributor, I am challenged and humbled and grateful. Thank You all.