Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-06-22

Chapter 2—Desire


There’s an old saying that we are the average of the five people we hang out with.


Look around you.  Who are those five people in your life?


My daughter, Lacey, is amazing. In her early days at Universal Studios, she was one of the facilitators to bring JK Rowling’s Harry Potter to life at the amusement park in Orlando. Later she moved to Warner Bros. in California and then to a marketing/events company on Beverly Hills. As she hung out with creative people, her Desire for more creativity in her event planning and design work, increased.  Earlier this year she designed the backdrop used at the Grammy’s for the winners’ "Step and Repeat." (Basically their photo opp after they receive their award.) It’s one-of-a-kind!


Recently she made connections with some guys who were into mountain climbing.  Next thing I know my daughter has a trip planned to Mt Kilimanjaro.  Her Desire for being physically fit became of highest importance.  She trained on the Pike's Peak Incline, in the gym and walked long distances. Every day that Mountain was foremost in her mind, fueling her Desire for strength and fitness.


She flew to Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 12 days ago.  The flight itself took almost 24 hours going through Istanbul, Turkey.  She met up with the other 14 adventurers who comprised her group.  Most of them were 50-60 year olds, one was 13 years old, and only 3 of the group were women.  They visited the girls’ school they had raised funds for as part of their mountain climbing adventure.  In the midst of all her physical training, and normal work responsibilities, Lacey raised $4000 for these girls.  That Desire was created because of expedition leader, Jake Norton.


Last Wednesday she began her 6-day Adventure climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.  With no cell phone communication from her, I studied her detailed itinerary, plus YouTube videos and blogs from others who had climbed Kilimanjaro via the Rongai Route. 


Each night I posted on Facebook what I thought her next day would look like.  I had the number of hours they would hike, the distance they would cover, and the camp they would reach.  Through my research I added extra details and pictures to the posts that were common to the tours.  My posts began to receive lots of likes and comments.  I added #laceyskiliadventure to all the posts so she will be able to see how much influence she had.


 At 1:11 AM ET  2 days into her climb, I was awakened out of a deep sleep.  It was as though a voice was speaking into my spirit.  “Lacey’s having trouble breathing right now.”  I climbed out of bed and for the next three hours, I prayed for my girl!


The day they were to head for the Summit I was well aware of the challenge that lay before her.  On the other side of the world, a group of 15 brave Adventurers were awakened at 11:30 PM to begin their final ascent to the Summit.  The Roof of Africa, towering 19,340 ft above sea level!


Her itinerary talked how the last 500 feet would be the most challenging psychologically.  They would have to dig deep and encourage one another.  That short distance would take an 1½ hrs to accomplish. 


DESIRE put one foot in front of the next.  Arctic temperatures and foreboding conditions were overruled by the sheer Determination to make it to the top. The five people closest to her would make the difference between success and “almost-made-it” success.  The Desire of her fellow comrades kept HER feet moving when everything in her undoubtely screamed, “I can’t go another step.”


So who are your FIVE? Couch potatoes or Adventurers?


Margi Starr

Springfield, Ohio


PS  Here's the text I received yesterday morning from Lacey:

"Just got back to the hotel in Moshi! Made it to the top yesterday at 8 AM. Hardest thing I have ever done. It was unbelievable. I've also never been so dirty in my entire life."