Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mike Patel clarksville, UnitedStatesofAmerica, 37043, United States

Posted: 2016-06-22

Barnes had a consuming obsession of his life, a Burning Desire to fulfil his lifelong dreams.

He was humble and teachable in order to reach his ultiate goal of becoming Edison's business assocaite.

Barnes was laser focused and had his blinders on moving in ONE direction only to achieve his end result.

Barnes was well conversant with the six steps necessary to his DESIRE into reality.H e saw himself with riches he had in his mind.

The steps called for intense imagination and dreaming to meet his goal.


Thomas Edison's story of 10,000 plus failures before hitting his goals should be in front of you as a SHINING example of what persistance and unfailing determination can do reach your goals, no matter how wobbly the road and DREAMS are the seedlings of reality.

Helen Keller deaf and dumb would not accept defeat under any circumstances.

Beethovan deaf, Milton blind, both translated their dreams into organized thoughts to reach thier destinations.

Having an attitude of faith plays a big role in helping you shape your destiny.The state of MIND must be BELIEF, not mere hope or wish.