Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia H. Burton New Castle, Delaware, United States

Posted: 2016-06-22

Desire is the first step towards acquiring riches. Without a burning desire to acquire riches you become a dreamer and a wisher of what it would be like to obtain it. This desire must be coupled with definite purpose that would be your WHY. Without a strong WHY you are aimless. We must state our objective with definiteness to make it firm and hard. Now you must begin to plan how to obtain your desire, which is your definite plan and immediately put it into action. Next figure what you will give, because this is not just a take proposition. You must give back in order to receive. Lastly you must close all retreat or exits from your desire. Get rid of the excuses and replace them with affirmations. Saturate your mind with money consciousness to the point your desire becomes burning white hot. After you have composed these steps in writing, repeat them once in the am and then in the pm before you go to sleep. These steps were used by Barnes and others to their success. This is a proven method to the path of wealth. Success will not come to any person without the correct mix of the components of these principles. Dreams come true not just because we dream them, we have to have that burning desire, that definiteness of purpose and a plan to obtain that which we seek to make dreams come true.

This is to all the dreamers. Don't just dream what you want, desire what you want and back it with your WHY to move that dream to a highest level of consciousness. Then act on what the infinite intelligence gives you.

My best to all who strive to take their dreams to the next level

Celia H. Burton