Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Loretta Bright Akron, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-06-22

Chapter 2 DESIRE


How do we get what we want?

First, we have to know what it is that we want or DESIRE.

Second, we have to want it badly=DESIRE. Want it badly enough to work so hard at it and forego other things including getting over obstacles. Work day and night and/or every free moment on what we DESIRE.

Third, we have to understand that we cannot go back, that there is no backup plan. We need to just keep moving forward.

And, we have to realize what it is that we are willing to give to reach our goal.

People who are successful work tirelessly toward their goal and often go in deep financially to go there. Some people are toe tippers and if the water isn’t right they are out of there.

To be successful and get what we want, we have to work hard nonstop until we get there.


Loretta Bright

 Akron OH