Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ingrid Camacho SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, United States

Posted: 2016-06-21

The  only limitations we have are those we put on ourselves. 
We can achieve anything as long as we have a burning desire backed by faith.

We must be totally committed to what it is we want and have unwavering faith in order to achieve it. We must be clear on what it is that we want and stick with it no matter what.

There will be ups and downs, after all, opportunity is usually disguised in some sort of misfortune, it is those trying times that we usually uncover who we really are.

This weeks nugget for me was the statement  we must BELIEVE we already have what we desire. With that said, our minds possess some unexplained power and makes our desire and belief a reality.

As Hill stated with his son, he instilled in him the belief that he would hear and speak as a normal person does and that belief became a reality. 

 We need to believe we already have what we desire.  Using the six steps mentioned in this  chapter we can turn our desires into reality!

Ingrid Camacho